Porsche 911 oil flap

Model: Porsche 911 oil flap
Year: 1972
Facts: 140 hp / 2.4 liters
Fuel: gasoline
Gearbox: Manual
Km: 160.000 km
Price: 98.000,-

Porsche 911 oil flap

Porsche 911T “oil flap” in sephia brown and brown interior.

This beautiful 911 is originally from California and was last in Danish collector’s hands for many years. It has the rare mechanical ram pump injection and thus 140 hp.

The vehicle has the second filler neck installed in 1972/73.

In this case, for the filling and refilling of the for the oil / air-cooled 911 boxer engine.

Since owners, as well as gas station attendants unexpectedly found it quite difficult to distinguish between oil and gasoline, this “body style” was discontinued quite quickly.

This particular rare vehicle carries a certain patina which suits the car very well as both engineering and body condition are very good.

The vehicle is sold on behalf of a customer!

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Mercedes Benz 190 SL

Model: Mercedes Benz 190 SL
Year: 07/1959
Facts: 1184 cc, 105 hp
Fuel: gasoline
Gearbox: Manual
Km: 107.000 km
Price: 146.000,-

Mercedes Benz 190 SL Mercedes Benz W121 190 SL from 1959 with incredible history. The car was delivered in Sweden in 1959 and has been in the second ownership of a German/Swedish family since 1961. The car is in unrestored condition. There are, of course, repaints. The underbody was recently extensively repaired. An invoice history of previous years is available. The interior shines in wonderfully patinated original condition. The Carbiolet top was renewed. A hardtop exists, but it was purchased after the fact and was not originally delivered with the vehicle.

Porsche 964 WTL Cabriolet 03/1992

Model: Porsche 964 WTL Cabriolet
Jahr: 03/1992
Facts: 3600 ccm, 250 PS
Kraftstoff: Benzin
Getriebe: Manuell
Km: 92.000 km
Preis: 119.900,-

Porsche 964 WTL Cabriolet Porsche produzierte lediglich 1532 dieser Fahrzeuge, wovon nur 807 in Deutschland ausgeliefert wurden. Dieses Exemplar aus dem Modelljahr 1992 ist eines dieser deutschen Auslieferungen im einmaligen Farbton Himbeerrot. Gebaut wurde diese Modellvariante des Porsche 964 in den Jahren 1992 und 1993. Die Karosserieform des 964 Turbo 3,3 ohne den großen Heckspoiler machte aus dem 964 Cabriolet einen echten Hingucker. Die Verwendung des Turbo Fahrwerks, sowie der Turbo Bremsanlage runden das sportliche Bild und die fantastischen Fahreigenschaften dieses Modells.