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Not knowing Lübeck is already a gap. A true icon of the Hanseatic League, a vibrant jewel of the North.
Hall 49 is right there. On the site of the Gollan shipyard, an up-and-coming cultural environment where maritime spirit meets culture and lifestyle. Here you'll find people building a new hotspot with their startups - from the best beer in town at our neighbors Sudden Death Brewery to the most delicious coffee. Just grab a coffee at Cycle Roasters and visit us to explore our latest selection of young and classic cars or chat with us about your dream car.

Culture yard Gollan

The Kulturwerft is not located on the periphery, but just 200 meters as the crow flies from Lübeck’s Old Town Island.

The ambience is unique, as the halls, which were built from red brick between 1870 and 1920, form the oldest industrial area in Schleswig-Holstein. For about 20 years, the buildings stood empty. They became more and more neglected.

“I would like to create a lighthouse project for our north with my Kulturwerft.”/// Thilo Gollan


Cycle Roasters

We select our coffees according to their individual taste and profile, trying to give you 100% of the supply chain. Each coffee and its history are unique, from which we want to get the best with care and knowledge. At the moment we sell our self-roasted coffee from a store in Wahmstraße in Lübeck.

From January, the cycleroasters will also be available in Hall 48 on the Werft site. Here is not only roasted on site – here is also trained and tasted.

You’re in the mood for coffee? Then come and visit us!

Cycle Roasters

Sudden Death Brewing

We always develop and create our recipes for new beers in small batches in our own brewing cellar. From mashing, wort boiling, lautering, cooling, to bottling, we still make every beer by hand. And with each recipe anew, until we are absolutely satisfied with the result.

Once a recipe is perfected, we brew in larger batches.Sudden Death Brewing represents our two passions, field hockey and brewing! We have set ourselves the goal of brewing unusual, interesting, but always drinkable beers.

From spring 2022, the brewing plant in Hall 48 will then be ready and open up a new dimension of brewing for us.

Come by for a beer sometime!

Sudden Death

The saddlery - Till Peters

Moin! I am Till-David Peters and here in the north
Home.Born, raised and now ventured independence.

What could be better than to give pleasure day after day with homemade products? My grandfather was also convinced of this and gave it to me on the way, because it was also his passion to work as a saddler.

With the help of classic tools and the most modern sewing machines to create something completely new, that is my goal! Whether a noble, creative one-off or a functional design – every order is unique and a new challenge.

Whether the finishing of a steering wheel, a complete interior of a classic car, new equipment of motor homes or yachts, simply everything around the restoration.

In the best case a real favorite piece for my client!

A craft that simply makes you happy.

Moin, see you soon in Hall 49!

Till Peters

Mercedes Benz 190 SL

Model: Mercedes Benz 190 SL
Year: 07/1959
Facts: 1184 cc, 105 hp
Fuel: gasoline
Gearbox: Manual
Km: 107.000 km
Price: 146.000,-

Mercedes Benz 190 SL Mercedes Benz W121 190 SL from 1959 with incredible history. The car was delivered in Sweden in 1959 and has been in the second ownership of a German/Swedish family since 1961. The car is in unrestored condition. There are, of course, repaints. The underbody was recently extensively repaired. An invoice history of previous years is available. The interior shines in wonderfully patinated original condition. The Carbiolet top was renewed. A hardtop exists, but it was purchased after the fact and was not originally delivered with the vehicle.

Porsche 964 WTL Cabriolet 03/1992

Model: Porsche 964 WTL Cabriolet
Jahr: 03/1992
Facts: 3600 ccm, 250 PS
Kraftstoff: Benzin
Getriebe: Manuell
Km: 92.000 km
Preis: 119.900,-

Porsche 964 WTL Cabriolet Porsche produzierte lediglich 1532 dieser Fahrzeuge, wovon nur 807 in Deutschland ausgeliefert wurden. Dieses Exemplar aus dem Modelljahr 1992 ist eines dieser deutschen Auslieferungen im einmaligen Farbton Himbeerrot. Gebaut wurde diese Modellvariante des Porsche 964 in den Jahren 1992 und 1993. Die Karosserieform des 964 Turbo 3,3 ohne den großen Heckspoiler machte aus dem 964 Cabriolet einen echten Hingucker. Die Verwendung des Turbo Fahrwerks, sowie der Turbo Bremsanlage runden das sportliche Bild und die fantastischen Fahreigenschaften dieses Modells.